JERKER HANS-ERS – Five-Stringed Violin, Hardanger Fiddle

Jerker Hans-Ers is a fiddler well rooted in the traditional music of Hälsingland. Appreciated for his original sound and compositions he has quickly managed to become a well established figure on the folk music scene.

Currently studying at Royal College of Music in Stockholm he now takes on a variety of genres in different bands and projects.


ALBIN BROBERG – Cittern, 12-String Guitar

Albin stands at the forefront of taking on Scandinavian traditional music with plucked instruments such as the cittern and the guitar, using a variety of open tunings. Originally a drummer and percussionist, he approaches the music from a rythmical perspective with a respect for the original intention of the music.

Educated at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg as well as The Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo. He is a sought after musician, composer, arranger and pedagog that enjoys working in the borders between fixed genres and traditions.



The Swedish musician Mårten Hillbom is considered one of the most innovative percussionists of his age and plays his own designed drumkit with a mix of frame drums and tuned bells. He uses unique sounds and techniques in order to be able to melody and specific ornaments.

Having studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and with some of the worlds leading percussionists of today, Mårten has grown to become a percussionists who works in a variety of fields within the music business.