AXVY is a rare combination of instruments that paves the way for an unique sound and new explorations of melodies, rythms and ornaments in the Scandinavian music tradition.
The foundation- the strong melodies, has a connection with each of the three instruments. The percussion- together with the two more commonly known melody instruments, violin/hardanger fiddle and cittern/guitar is creating a detailed landscape in many layers.
Mårten, Jerker and Albin are all young musicians that despite their age have had a long time performing and made an impact on the Swedish traditional music scene and abroad in bands such as Lekarerätten, Tailcoat, HRD among others.
AXVY came to life in 2017, drawing from the members shared love for Swedish and Norweigan traditional music. The debut album was recorded in a small house last summer consisting of traditional and newly written music. It will be available in May.




ALBIN BROBERG – Cittern, 12-stringed guitar

JERKER HANS-ERS – Five-stringed violin, Hardanger Fiddle